Five Ways To Let Npower Enhancement Pass Through You

The Npower Enhancement Scheme is the key focus of every 2016 N-power beneficiary and as a result of that, it is very important that beneficiaries should focus on their Primary aim of being enhanced by N-power and by being able to continue going to your PPA and engaging in other activities.

It is very important at this point that the 2016 Npower beneficiaries must let Npower enhancement pass through them rather than passing through the enhancement just like that. What does this Statement mean?

By letting N-power enhancement pass through you, I mean taking all functions seriously. If you have been absconding from your PPA before, begin to attend and improve in your character and knowledge of your field of engagement and also develop a good relationship with both internal and external staff of your organization. While just Passing through N-power scheme means collecting 30k monthly stipends and not going to your PPA or engaging, investing your stipends for meaningful activities.

You all know that the Npower enhancement scheme for the 2016 Npower beneficiaries is for only 6 month and after then what next? That is the question you should be asking your self. It is time you starting practicing the right thing. below are the five ways you can let N-power enhanced Scheme pass through you:

1.) Attend your place of Primary Assignment regularly.

2.) Participate in other activities at the place of your primary assignment that will shape your character and knowledge of dealing with people

3.) Begin to invest with part of your stipends. If you think your stipends is not enough to save for investment, engage in other side hustle and save your stipends for investment

4.) Serve as a mentor to your junior colleague So that they can learn from your experience. In other way, you can get a mentor also that can further inspire you or advice you toward succeeding in Life. Some of your N-power colleagues can serve as your mentor. Just find one and reach him for support.

5.) Study the Npower learning material in your device or the manual that was distributed and put what you study into practice.

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