How An Npower Volunteer Got Disqualified From A Job Interview Because Of Yeah Word (Must Read)

By John Halilu Adams

I want to use this medium to pass a very important interview lesson to my fellow N-power colleagues and other job seekers out there planning for jobs interview. There are some common mistakes we make during jobs interview unknowingly that affects negatively on our interview performance which we must avoid.

It is very painful when a simple misused of word cause you to loss an opportunity that you have so hard prepared for. That is my story, a painful experience which I wouldn't want any Npower Volunteer or job seeker to undergone.

Three years ago before I become an Npower beneficiary, I applied for a job in a five star hotel at Abuja and I was shortlisted among many others for the written interview. Lucky enough, I passed the written interview and I was invited for the oral interview  among other successful applicants.

On that fateful day of the oral interview, I was 3rd in the line of about 100 applicants waiting to be interviewed. The 1st and 2nd persons went in and came out quickly and I was next inline, I went in to be interviewed but I made one silly mistake that cause me the interview and the job not because I was not qualified. In fact I can beat my chest that I was one of the best candidate for the job.

One of the interviewer asked me a question and I answered her with yeah instead of yes, that was how they capitalize on that mistake and told me to go. I felt bad at that moment because of all things, it is the word yeah that got me disqualified from my first job interview. Its three years now and since that experience I have been learning and building my self to become an employer of labour.

Why I choose to tell this story is to create awareness for prospective jobs seekers who are fund of using slangs words or shortcuts words learn to start using words as it should be in order to avoid future interview frustration. They used of slangs and words shortening has deeply become the norm's in our society today and is affecting us officially in some cases. Learn from my story.

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