How To Become Productive In Life In A Bad System Setting

Many People tends to depend more on the system rather than striving to achieve their goals independently in life, it is not bad when you depend on systems because system are set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network, in other word it is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done, an organised scheme or method to guide you on the right part.

However,  when the system become an obstacle to your self development avoid it and look for better ways to reach your life goals. Looking at it from the above statement, it is clear that man need to know the right system to follow towards goals achievement since most of our community revolves round government system, policies, people who are not well guided might end up losing their steps and became unproductive.

The possibility of a person in a community becoming successful in life depends on the setting of system in his community, family and the country at large. A community with the right setting of development will setup the necessary social amenities, like proper health care centers, library, ICT centres etc where people in the community can go and read, learn to acquire new skills.

Family as part of a system play a key role in the life of an individual  towards becoming successful in life and become productive to the community where he/she live. Families who don't see education as priority or rather do not encourage their children to pursue their talent will end up raising unproductive children which might affect them negatively in the future thereby leading them to become burden to their community.

A nation whose system is full of corruption and bad leaders will be faced with lots of obstacle and bad decision making plan that will never improve the lives of her citizenry. One of a Country goal is to set up system to provide the conducive atmosphere where the masses will persevere and become productive and grow the economy of the nation. Many people in developing countries are still not enjoying better Government system that will enable them feel dividends of good governance.

As an individual to avoid future set back, it is very important that you have an alternative plan when the government failed  to setup systems that will empower you. Prepare your self for future challenges. One way to do that is to personally acquire knowledge either by going to school or learning a trade if you can not afford to go to school. That way, you can save your self from depending on Government system that are not product and can be a waste of time.

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