Legit Way To Make Money At Polling Units This Elections

Election is just few hours from now and instead of wasting your energy and letting politicians use you for thuggery in polling units, I will rather advice you to use that energy to make something meaningful out of your life by engaging in legit business of selling at the polling units.

There are lots of things you can sell at the polling units this election period. Things like: recharge cards,
zobo, kunu, or any local drink, do buns, egg roll, meat pie, boiled/ roasted corn etc and sell at Polling Units & make extra cash before you resume your other activities after elections.

Help me advice the election thugs and all the Slay Queens in your area or online to please drop their makeup kit one side & pocket their pride this election period,  pick any of the product mention above and make their cool cash.  Don't forget to thank me later.

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