NigeriaDecides2019 - Why Npower Volunteers Must Vote Wisely

The day we have all been waiting for is here! We have less than 50 hours before Nigerians decides who will lead them for the next four years, talking about the presidential elections. Politicians will tell you during campaign that they will build heaven, create jobs just because they want to win your votes.

Let the truth be told, we are not kids and as graduates that we are, facts are on ground  enough to help us make the right choice. Nigeria is not an easy country to governed, any body who thinks he can perform magic by declaring what he can not do is an enemy of this great nation of ours.

We have had many leaders in the past that will promise to put the ordinary citizens of this country first, but as soon as the win election they will abandon their people for their own selfish reasons. Don't sale your votes, in your own church mind as an Npower Volunteer or a Nigerian, with out sentiment tell us which administration had touched your life positively.

They might promise to create jobs, empower the youth, but how sure are you if they win their jobs creation method will be free and fair. You have seen and tasted  "change" where in the first time in history of Nigeria Social Intervention programme were established and executed free and fair without corruption, would you want this to change? If your answer is NO! Then make the right decision lets all move to the #NextLevel

As the saying goes, the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. A word is enough for the wise, don't go and sale your vote. #NpowerVolunteers

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