Transcribed Of Mr Afolabi Today's Video Chat - 20th February 2019

I trust all is well with you and your family. Greetings to you from Mr President and his Vice Prof Yemi Osinbajo. As you know they are your primary sponsors and investors. l also want to wish you a happy valentine season. Again we are in the election season, so let me apologise for the abrupt postponement of the election.

The essence of this session is to catch base with us and also use this platform to update us. Remember as long as you have been paid you have access to the learning materials in your portal. So all these learning materials are there for you even if you have no device at the moment.

You have to work, you have to work in Npower and in your community. N-power is a full time volunteer programme, which you have to work full time and where you fail to work you will be suspended. The reason I am bringing this up is because the rate of suspension is growing, not only for batch one but batch two. l want to appeal that the work component of npower is very critical if you don't go to work how do you improve your learning‚ how do you get a referral for other job opportunities.

A very few of you may still have challenges between been on boarded and been enrolled particularly those of you in the supplementary batch for which the first month of January should have been your first month of payment. I will talk more on this much later.

Talking of payment lot more of you are happy because not only did you get your first month you also got your preceding month,especially the batch 2 volunteers.| hope by now you have learned to trust and believe in us.

You are also asking of you devices. WeIl you will get you device along with the batch 2 as they get theirs within the first quarter of this year I am sure you will be invited to select your device. We need to work with the bank of industry and they also have to work with selected partners. Process is ongoing.

Some of you are expecting backlogs
Payment because you had challenges, now you have been paid but still expecting a few more months. l have been told that about 602 of you have now been successfully confirmed so you are currently in the next set of backlogs we will process between the end of February and march.

Those of you in this batch One that keep expressing your faith in the programme i can only say it this way ‚you are already in the next level. You are already in the period we call "ENHANCEMENT". You are already in your next level which is your N-power enhancement. Details of your enhancement will be communicated. We have been busy with the election and after it, we would let you know.Your quest for permanency is tied to the PVC in your hands and the continuity of Mr president in office. 90 percent of what you seek is in your hands.

You should seize every opportunity,save your stipend and form cooperative so you have enough.

Don't estimate we wont know when you are at work or not.[ls know that the heads of your PPA, do send us reports. We also have independent monitors that also pay unscheduled visits to your PPA. We also have project manages that pay visit to your PPA.

You will be paid for this month of February, there is no cause for alarm.


I am happy to say to you and Nigerians,that we have successfully concluded in five geo political All the zones.All the 5000 beneficiaries are now enjoying the knowledge they have gained. Also they are now enjoying the privileged of the device given to them.l am sure most of you are settling down in your various apprenticeship gsm villages seeking to learn more and apply your knowledge.

Check back for details!!

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  1. May GOD ALMIGHTY Bless the person that transcribed this message!

  2. from suleiman yunusa baba next level may Allah protect u from all evil and give u energy to continue ur good work


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