Why Npower NextLevel Engagement Is Key - A Case Study Of BBNaija 2019 Audition


Npower News - BBNaija News - Sometimes I laugh at Some People who keep insulting N-power beneficiaries because of how excited they become each time they receive their N30,000 monthly stipends from the Federal Government. Nigeria is a very big country and the unemployment situation in the country is pathetic, a typical example of this is the just concluded Big brother Nigeria Audition that took place in 8 States across Nigeria, there were massive turns up in all the venues of the audition which leads to stamped and lots of injuries. If you can relate to the Nigeria immigration recruitment stampede that occurred in Abuja in 2014 then you will understand how things went down. Read also Big Brother Naija Season 6 Commencement Date


Big brother Nigeria is a reality TV show and can also be tag as an empowerment program where contestants are house for 3 months without going out and each week one or two contestants will get evicted, the last man standing will win and be rewarded with a prize worth 45 Million Naira. There are other benefits that come with becoming a big brother star, you will become famous and begin to get deals from multinational companies to serve as their brand ambassador.

So, with the benefit that comes with participating in the reality TV show, thousands of Nigerian youths both male/Female, Graduate/Non-Graduates, and Nigerians in diaspora gain interest to participate in the show. Some even see the show as the only way to get rich quick.

The government needs to be truthful to its citizens, thanks to the Npower programme 500,000 graduates are lifted from the street, but this is just a few out of millions of Nigerian youths that are out there unemployed. This should be a wake-up call for the government to begin to see reasons why gainful employment should be provided to the youths. Read also Disengaged Npower Volunteers Patiently Waiting For Nexit Package

When a citizen of a country is gainfully empowered, and truthfully supported to be self-reliant he/she will surely employ or empower one or more people and when the circle continues, you will begin to see the positive effect this would have on the great citizens of Nigeria, thank God for the #NextLevel engagement, lets hope for something sustainable.

I watched an interview where a participant of the BBNaija audition was saying that the big brother Nigeria show is the only hope for him to make it in life. This is what happened when you are out of alternatives, you know what next when a young energetic person becomes hopeless. He will begin to look for crooked ways to sustain life.

We call on the Government to harness the strength in these young strong, hardworking N-power volunteers to turn around the situation of unemployment in Nigeria into something positive by not letting them back to the street. Rather with sincerity facilitate them in the NextLevel engagement with the necessary tools to give back to the community. Read also Npower Stream 2 Batch C Today's News

What is important about the Big Brother Nigeria TV show and the Npower programme is that both of them empowered the youths, but the N-power programme has the potential to lift millions of youths out of poverty since its aim is to engage thousands of beneficiaries, unlike the BNNaija where the winner takes all.

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  1. I'm so glad for the efforts made by the federal government towards N power to improve security in the country.


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