Nine Things We Learned From Mr Afolabi Last Video Chat - 20th February 2019

Nine Things We Learned From Mr Afolabi lmoukhuede Senior Special Assistant to the President Facebook LIVE Chat  Wednesday, 20th February 2019.

Below are Nine things we learned:

1. Can Npower beneficiaries apply for P-Yes Programme:
N -Power beneficiaries hoping to apply for PYes Program? Yes Yes Yes it is possible it is another presidential youth empowerment scheme for you and every Nigerians so please seize the opportunity to apply and again there is a selection process. It is not managed by my office but my colleague the special adviser to the president on youth affairs. Said Mr Afolabi

2. Apprenticeship For N-Build:
Regarding apprenticeship, reports reaching me is that a lot of employers are already willing to absorb a lot of you, A lot of you are already even working profitably for them they are already engaging you as sub-contractors those are the reports reaching me. So we are the ones now to wait, I’m sure once we conclude With the first competition #Thisisnpower for the graduates we would probably have another one which is #Thisisnpower for the nongraduates where you then tell us What your own #NEXT LEVEL plan is. So like I said earlier the President has already endowed you with all

3. N-power T-shirt
T-shirt available for every one of you and if you notice the t-shirt that we gave to you especially the N-Power t-shirt, now am not talking about the political t-shirt that some of you made or some of your state sponsored or some of your stalkholders sponsored, but there is a tshirt that is N-Power and you will notice that it has nothing but NPower and the coat of arms. So we have sufficient t-shirts for every one of you it’s just that because of production challenges, it is coming.

4. N-power Next Recruitment:
You want to know When the portal will be reopened for the next recruitment, well you will know. Portal reopening is all tied to continuity, it is tied to Next Level so if you want the portal to be re-opened you go out on Saturday 23rd and vote Mr. President. Vote massively for Mr. President and you can be sure that after the elections we will re-open the portal.

5. N-power Impact Series Competition:
We have only giving you more time to get a lot more of you to participate and to get a lot more of you that participated and to get more and more and more people to re-like and am sure you may not have any more time beyond March 15th at the very latest and so we would announce the closing date soon enough and once we announce the closing date we Will also announce the date that we would be announcing the Winners and clearly having an event where Mr. Vice President would present the prices to the winners.

6. Npower Volunteers on Suspension/Payment Hold:
You know your grace period of suspension is 45 day, if you are not able to rectify yourself or restitute yourself within 45 days then you face a compulsory exit. Now the reason I am bringing this up is because I am watching our rate of suspension, whilst it is still very very insignificant compared to the total it’s still very much less than 0.5%. In fact, in actuality it’s about 0.3% of you that are in this category of payment hold or suspension, and 1 think it’s something that I have watched in the last few months as the numbers grow not only for batch 1 but also for batch 2.

7. How N-power Monitors Volunteers:
There are three levels of monitoring that we have. The first one is that your heads of PPA are your chief monitors and they do send us reports by which we are able to place you on hold or on suspension. Don’t attempt to think that you can parley with them to cover up for you, and even if it works for today it sure would not work for tomorrow. The secondary level as well is that we have independent monitors in every community in every state and in every local government across the country, they also pay unscheduled Visits to your PPA’s they make interactions with your supervisors even when you do not know that they have come. We also have project managers that also pay unscheduled Visits randomly to some random PPA’s, they also give us report and the last but not the least as you know, a lot of you must have seen me visit you unexpectedly in your state and at your PPA’s, so that tells you that we have at least four varying levels by which we monitor. So please take my instructions seriously, if you know that you now have a job that debars you from going regularly to your PPA then do the honorable thing, resign honorably.

8. N-power Device:
So there are a few of you in the NPower batch 1 that still haven’t received devices or you don’t have devices not that you haven’t received because as we’ve often said you are in somewhat of what we call batch C. There is batch A, batch B, but then you were cleared to select a device after we had Shut the process for batch A and batch B Within Batch 1. So yes, you are waiting and you have asked the questions ‘When would you be getting your device?’ I had said to you that you would be getting your devices With the Batch 2 so please bear With us.

9. N-power Enhancement:
You are already in a period Where we have called the NPower Enhancement, the details of the enhancement that you talked about. Yes, there are some specific details and we are yet to release to you but I am sure you also know that everyone has been very involved in the elections as you would have seen me many times in your various communities across the country. So please bear with us after the election period we will let you know what the details are, but one of the clear cut instructions we have given is this: your ENHANCEMENT begins by saying that you Will continue to earn while you offer your service at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and then we will also give you a little more details later about how we intend to enhance you more for greater economic opportunities. So I have said that, I have been saying this since October that nothing has changed. I don’t know why you keep expressing fear month on month. In December you expressed fear, you were paid, in January you were paid, you are now going to be paid,

Reference: Mr Afolabi Facebook video chat 20th February 2019

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