What You Need Know About Money Doubling Ventures Npower Warned You About

N-power shared an update about money doubling ventures yesterday and some volunteers were asking what money doubling ventures entails? For those of you that missed the update, read it here: N-power Warned Beneficiaries To Stay Off Money Doubling Ventures To Avoid Losing Money

Money doubling ventures are ponzi scheme, chance game, gamble investment that promises higher returns, it could be lottery, pools betting or the popular MMM investment scheme and its alike etc.

There are lots of such get rich quick scheme circulating on social media, such scheme will tell you to invest certain amount and get double amount in return. Some beneficiaries who don't really understand how this ponzi scheme work will sign up and they will be used as agent to drag their colleagues into the scheme, that is what N-power is advising volunteers to be careful.

There are big difference between Digital jobs and a money doubling ventures.  Digital jobs are legit way of using your digital skills to provide services online. These services could be: Social media marketing, Providing solutions through writing ebooks, blogging, freelancing, eCommerce, internet marketing, web designing etc.

As an N-power volunteer, you can learn digital skills and use it legitimately to generate income online rather than participating in the money doubling schemes that you may end up losing your money.

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