Sunday, April 7, 2019

Full List Of 2017 Npower Devices Selection And Collection Date.

The Federal Government empowerment and job creating programme tagged "N-power"  made available five great tablets for the 2017 applicants to choose from during the application period. These devices come in Windows and Android./p>

Below are names of the devices for 2017 beneficiaries

1) AfriOne Npower iPad 
2) Samsung Npower Tablets
3) Npower RLG Tablets 
4) Npower Zinox Zpad Tablets 
5) Floss Signature Npower Tablets

In 2016, beneficiaries were given 8 device options to select from. Unfortunately, three of the device available for 2016 beneficiaries were removed from the 2017 device list and are now left with 5 device options to select from. The devices that were removed from the list are:

1) Speed star Tab
2) Techno Tab
3) HP Tab

These 3 device mention above are more expensive than the others .

There are specifications for all the devices. However, we will not bore you with all that now. Do not bother yourselves about the device specification right now, because the specification will be made available when the portal is open for you to select your device.

What  you should understand is that once you choose your prefer device it can’t be undo or changed. So, make your selection carefully. Make sure you select your device early when you are call upon to do so, because the probability of you picking up your device early depend on when you select your device. You may fall under batch A or batch B device collection. 

According to NPower, device Selection for 2017 Npower beneficiaries will commence when the management of the NPower programme are done with arrangement. Until then remain calm and keep hope alive.


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