How To Get FG Automatic Employment After NYSC

Some NYSC corps members are actually not aware that they can be offered automatic employment immediately after NYSC. News about how the Federal Government offered automatic Employment to 168 NYSC Presidential Honours Awardees  hits the internet today and some individuals were wondering how these corpers made it happened.

There are no two ways to make this happened, the only way is taking your primary assignment duties seriously and performing other community development services.

The HE Director General National Youth Service Corps, Major General Suleiman Zakari Kazaure  revealed on his twitter handle that as a National youth corps member you can get a National Award, Shake the hands of Mr President and also get a federal appointment by engaging in personal CDS.

One of the most important arms of the NYSC is the Community Development Service (CDS). The community development service can be seen as an important tool or medium to impact humanity positively. Thus, it is an arm of the NYSC that is charged with the responsibility of propagating the objectives of the scheme, enhancing rural and urban development through Nigerian graduates and promoting an act of responsibility by Nigerian graduates in affecting their immediate environment positively.

The NYSC therefore, through the CDS, is a tool for Nigerian graduates to emancipate humanity at the grassroots from ignorance, induce positive change through selfless service and collectively work towards nation building.

Furthermore, the NYSC has been achieving these aims and objectives through the Community Development Service Groups (CDSGs). For instance, the NYSC CDS has different functional groups in all States, which work to carry out foster positive change through selfless service.  Some of the selfless service includes: free medical care in communities, care and assistance to orphanages and homes. free workshops, seminars, sensitization and campaigns to list a few.

In the same way, corps members have also carried out personal community development services (CDS) which we are mainly discussing in this article and all these Work collectively to ensure visible community development in their serving State. It is also important to note that the good government and people of the state have also worked cooperatively with corps members in their communities to realize and achieve great results.

As a corper, if you want to achieve National recognition by the FG, and hopefully get offers, engage in personal CDS. You can decide to build a physical structure of something  important that will be of help to the community where you are serving or organize an empowerment program to empower the people in the community where you are serving, work with the leaders in the community or LGA to make this happen. While all this is happening make sure you document your activities in video form to keep record of what you have done. FG will then select those who performed well and honour them with presidential award or automatic employment.

As John F. Kennedy once said which was also quoted by Bill Clinton upon his visit to Nigeria in 1998 “It is not what your country can do for you, but what you an do for your country.

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