Nigerian Graduates Reveals Why They Never Collect Original Certificate After Graduation

In a quest to finding answers to what seems real in our society today, a member of Npower discussion group throws a question in a group on Facebook to find out why most graduates in Nigeria never bother to collect their original Certificate after Graduation.

He asked: Why is it that Nigerian Graduates Find it difficult to go get their Original Certificate after graduation? They prefer using statement of result. Who can relate to this?

The fellow up response regarding  this question, revealed that most graduates in Nigeria truly never bothered to go pick up their original result, instead they prefer using statement of result.

Joyce said:
My dear, even me selI, I have two A level certificates and I have not gotten the originals, in fact, what's happening in Nija is not encouraging spending much on certificate education again, imagine all that we suffered and spent from the beginning to the end, no much hope to get anything to manage after years of graduation, then you are expecting me to continue spending the little I have in the name of collecting original certificate? No way, it's not easy o, it's what is recorded on the statement of result that is recorded on original, so, let me be managing the little I have till I get something to manage rather than adding it to those Nija greedy and selfish government.

Obarike said:
I can't travel all the way from port Harcourt to Maiduguri just because of certificate. Its not safe. Besides, my place of work values my competency more than the certificate.

Adewusu said:
lt depends on the school you attended. To collect original certificate in Uniben is the easiest things ever. I had obtained mine with paltry amount. Like what one of the previous person that commented said, people are not encouraged to go and obtain his or her certificate as a result of death of jobs.

Faith said:
To collect original certificate from my school ranges from 29k-49k depend on your year of graduation, how much am l earning.

Momoh said:
You have not use the statement you collected for years how will you be encourage to collect original that school will cut your neck before you collect?

Joe Tony
In fact I am still using my statement of result after 10 years of graduation Reason been that I will have to travel for 12 hour to get it.

Ajakaiye said:
The reason is that after graduation one is expected to get a job with the notification of result thereafter you go for original but after graduation no job the frustration make people to forget the certificate for a while

Chidinma said:
Maybe after graduation it's expected you wait for your original certificate to be ready which is during or after your convocations

Okereke said:
Actually, it depends on the institution. My alma mata, UNN, gives you your certificate immediately after convocation. I guess, some others do so too. Hence, that's a fallacy of hasty generalization.

Stephen said:
What about some schools who are not making the certificates available for graduates? There has to be a link between a graduate and a school who will alert the graduate of the availability of his/her certificate. University alumni association should play a major role here. But what they are interested is to collect moneys from graduates in the name of alumni dues.

What we gathered from the response given by these graduate reveals that majority of them are yet to collect their original certificate because of lack of job, exorbitant cost of collecting original certificate, the far distance from school of graduation hinder some from travelling to get their certificate, some also said since their employer do not demand for it rather prefer good performance to work why bothered.

Nevertheless, it is better or advice-able as graduates to get your original certificate ready at anytime for eventuality because you might not know when it will be needed.

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