Easy Way To Collect Rain Water For House Chores

The need to collect rain water in our homes this period is paramount since the supply of water from the water authority is limited to most communities in Nigeria. The hustle to source for clean water in most houses today has become a daily job.

Most houses you enter today has well or borehole as the major source of getting water which normally should be an alternative to tap water , but since the supply of tap water by the water board authority is not frequent, Nigerians have turned to source for their water from well and boreholes.

Politicians sometimes take advantage of this trend during election by visiting communities to provide boreholes in strategic places for public use as a community development service to canvass for vote.  The rate at which people queue to get water from this boreholes is not limited to the rural areas alone, the urban area also go through same struggle.

The simple way to save cost and time this raining season is to develop a strategy to collect rain water. Some of you are already used to collecting of rain water in your houses, but for those who are not used to it, follow the procedure below:

1. Check for a proper direction at any section of your house roof were you can collect a reasonable amount of rain water when it rain's and create rain diverter channel with a zinc or aluminum as you can see in the image below:

2. Get a container and keep it on the ground, set it under the rain diverter channel created on the roof to collect rain water when it rains.

You can create many rain diverter channels as you wish to collect large some of rain water.

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