Highlight Transcription Of Mr Afolabi Today's Facebook Video Chat - 27 May 2019

For those of you that were unable to watch Mr Afolabi today's Facebook Live video chat, we have decided to highlight the written version of Mr Afolabi Imokhuede conversation for you to read.

Mr Afolabi begin by saying:
Thank you for all the hard work you did for reelecting Mr President. My job is to address you guys.

The batch One: I salute you and thank you for what you continue to do at your PPA. and I know you are all waiting to know the next phase. This is what I will say, you have been in the programme for 28 months and you should maximize and utilize, that is save and do something with your proceeds and this has been my message to you and that remains the same. you are privilege to have been in the programme this long. You will continue to earn while you work and as long as we continue to pay you, you should continue to work and as you know we will continue to encourage you to go for job interviews and entrepreneurship. But please do so with the full consent of your supervisor so you are not reported as an absconder.

A few of you have still not receive devices but don't worry that will be available when the batch two are receiving theirs.

Batch Two: I hope you are copying the examples of your fellow batch one volunteers/ Your device too will be made available and communicated to you.

Non graduate programme: I greet you guys but I have received complaints for those in batch one A, that your stipends are delayed. The N-power build programme is a one year programme. Batch one A, your programme ended in March. let me encourage our batch two for N-power build, your formal training has commenced and you will do well to equip yourself. Please pay attention, understand that attendance is compulsory

Tech Hardware: The south west will be graduating soon and some are undergoing their apprenticeship,hope you are learning.

N-power software: Please bare with us, our providers are concluding the process. Any moment from July you will start getting notifications to commence.

Note this are the key point we picked from the video chat at the moment. We shall bring to you the full transcribed version later. So stay tuned. If you missed today's Live video chat, Click here to watch it

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