How To Know Your Npower Discussion Group Membership Rank On Facebook Group

Npower discussion group has about 288k and above members on Facebook group, each member in the group are ranked according to their participation. We have those who go extra mile to provide us with vital information, we have those who post engaging updates, we have those who love to only comment and like post but will never create a post and we equally have lookers, those who will never post neither comment. You can check out our blog post on www.npowerdg.com

You can identify your membership type through badges which are available for Npower  discussion group. When a group member receives a badge, it will show up next to their name on posts and comments. Its necessary you familiarise with the membership badges in order to known the role each  member play in the group.

Admin badge: are for members who manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP.

Moderator badge: For members who manage the membership and posts for NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP.

Rising Star badge: For new members who have  made engaging posts. Shows for at least 1 month.

New Member badge: For new members. Shows for 2 weeks.

Visual Storyteller badge: For people who share engaging images or videos. Shows for 1 month.

Conversation Starter badge: For people who create engaging posts and comments. Shows for 1 month.

See your membership badge type on the image below:

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