Letter To Npower On Suspicious Invasion Into Beneficiaries Profile - By Anselm

An Npower Volunteer wrote a letter to www.Npower.gov.ng officials On Suspicious Invasion Into Beneficiaries Profile

He wrote:



On behalf of the beneficiaries of the FG's Social Investment Programs, especially the Npower initiative, l write to inform you of a suspicious resignation of members by an unknown persons who allegedly might have hacked into the profiles of unsuspecting beneficiaries.

However, you might recall that since the inception of this program, there had been an avalanche of testimonies from thousands of beneficiaries on the positive impact of Npower on their lives irrespective of the meagerness of the stipend. You would also recall that almost all the beneficiaries had been glamouring for the regularization of the program, while others, especially some of the 2016 batch had insisted on exit package. The implication is that non of the jobless beneficiary wants to be exited back to street empty handed.

Though a very infinitesimally negligible number of beneficiaries had voluntarily resigned, we are this time, faced with an incessant resignation of some beneficiaries who confess they are not the ones that pressed the resignation button. It is either because they unknowingly pressed the bottom or because some miscreants and jealous elements might have gained access into their profiles.

At the light of this, I plead with you sir to consider carrying out a technical investigation to look into this issue and  consider carrying out a technical investigation to look into this issue and reverse the case of our fellow beneficiaries affected by this ugly incidence.

Importantly, I'm humbly suggesting you remove the resignation button from our profiles to avoid further incidences from recurring.

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Thank you very much as we anticipate an accelerated response to and consideration of this important plea of ours.

Anselm O. lgwe

NTeach Beneficiary, IMO state, on behalf of concerned 'Npowerites and the Beneficiaries in General.

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