Unexpected Exit From Npower NPVN Portal - Calls For Precaution

Npower discussion group gathered that some Npower beneficiaries are complaining about been exited from Npower NPVN Portal unexpectedly.

As a result of that, we have decided to compile this information to keep you updated on how to secure your dashboard. As an Npower beneficiary, you are not supposed to reveal your npower dashboard login details to anyone even your closest friends or relatives, if you mistakenly reveal your secret login pin before you realize it, someone may click the resigned button unknowingly.

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We have received information that Over 113 has been resigned unknowingly since March this year to date due to this act. Change your password from the usual phone number to a secret figures known to only you.

An Npower volunteer who falls victim to this act shares his experience. He wrote:

Hello dear Npower My name is Shamwilu Nasiru from Zamfara I login to my profile in my status I saw Resigned but I don't know who hacking my portal, I send request to volunteer support they say l resigned since 4/11/2018 that I got a job in Ministry of Justice Zamfara but its not true because I don't have any job in any where but NPOWER, and I didn't resigned from the program. Please help me my Name SHAMWILU NASIRU Bach 1 2016 Nteach  from Zamfara thanks.

The image below also shows another volunteer experience

If you login to your profile through any open system, logout immediately after accessing your dashboard. Some group of unscrupulous individuals are using your exposed login numbers to exited you from the program. Therefore we advice that you change your  passwords and make it more complicated. let rise our voice for npower team to know the current happenings among the volunteers.

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