Recap On How & Why Npower Discussion Group Started

Good Morning

Hope you had a splendid weekend? Welcome to the new week!

Let's recap how Npower discussion group started to remind new members and some old members that were not active before now in this group know how this great platform as been useful to us.

Two years ago when Npower started, there were no platform where volunteers could communicate, share ideas and find solutions to their common problems. So we saw a need to create something to help each other solve npower issues, that is how Npower discussion group came to being. We did not only stop at the Facebook group, we created  a blog for Npower discussion group which must of you know about.

Through the blog update, we were able to house some vital information to help you keep focus through your npower journey. We have also use the npower discussion group blog to provide jobs update so that Nigerians and npower beneficial can take advantage of other jobs opportunities out there.

There were no time Npower discussion group has claimed to be Official Npower, through this gathering we were able to educate ourselves on how to reach Npower team through the appropriate channels.

Admin, Moderators has been doing a great job approving your post and member request and flushing out the bad eggs in our midst not forgetting the active members who always post updates to keep us updated and putting smile on our faces. Thank you for what you do.

Fellow volunteers let keep the great spirit of one Nigerianism going in this group.


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