SUSDEVI Recruitment Update - Criteria For Shortlisting Candidates For Physical Interview

After the online test, SUSDEVI has released Criteria For Shortlisting Candidates For Physical Interview. Check the full update below:

SUSDEVI Recruitment Update. The online test has successfully ended and reviews to shortlist candidates for physical interview have been ongoing.

Criteria for selection include the following, among others:

  • Quality and completeness of candidate's application.
  • Candidate’s technical skills and their relevance to preferred position.
  • Level of support/compliance to SUSDEVI FOI policy.
  • Performance in online test.
  • Candidate's Aptitude.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Ability to take on initiative.

Invitation emails for interview will be sent on Wednesday May 8, 2019 so all candidates are advised to keep a tab on their emails (Inbox and Spam folders) on this date.

Please note the following:

1. Invitation emails will only come from [email protected]‚org. Except otherwise announced on this Page, emails not originating from this email address should be ignored for safety reasons.

2. The email address stated above is currently on “send only" mode and will not receive emails. Dedicated email and

local phone numbers for enquiries and support to shortlisted candidates will be provided in the invitation email.

3. Emails will only be sent to shortlisted candidates. So not receiving an email means that you have not been selected for the interview.

4. Candidates' bank account information will not be asked for within this period. Stipend to defray transport expenses will be provided through alternative means after the interview.

5. Further information and communication on the recruitment will now be limited to shortlisted candidates through the channels provided in the emails.

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Best wishes!

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