Look For A Livelihood Skills - Borno State Npower Focal Person Advice Volunteers As They Part ways

Some Borno State N-Power Volunteers met with the State NPOWER focal person to express their profound gratitude for the services he had provided during is tenure as he bid his farewell, according to the statement made by the volunteers, it was a moment of sadness but of gratitude too.

Babazanna Abdulkareem, the Borno state Npower focal person bid his farewell message to the beneficiaries. In his farewell message, he emphasize on the need for the beneficiaries to look for livelihood skills, self employment and entrepreneurship spirits instead of waiting for govt jobs. He said that more than 50 thousands people applied for the empowerment program in Borno but only 11k were successful in their applications, so he said the lucky ones who are being engaged and contributing immensely in the manpower and human capital skills in public schools‚ agricultural derives and primary health care clinics should put in their best in order to be worthy of seeking permanent employments.

He is now moved to another level which his skills and capabilities are of great value by the Prof Zulum administration. The volunteers said people like him are those needed in such a serious govt. His great wealth of experience and intelligence will indeed make a great impact.

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