See What N-Power Said 7O Percent Of Volunteers Will Do If Offered Loan To Start Business

So an Npower Volunteer took to N-Power twitter handle and demanded that the best option is to give beneficiaries loan. He wrote:

@npower_ng Best option if really want to help unemployment ‚loan them out from 1 to 5 million naira that will help youth grow drastically.

N-Power however responded to the tweet and said:  We have follow up questions . 1) Is it everyone that can do business? 2) Do you agree that 70% of people will misuse the funds

Many N-Power beneficiaries also responded to Npower follow up question. See how they reacted below:

I think N-Power is right on this one! Most N-Power volunteers will squanders their business capital because not everyone has the ability to do business. The best way is to fish out those with business skill and support them while those without business skill be engage in other permanent opportunities

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  1. The best approach to end unemployment is to give N power Beneficiaries grant at the end of the program around N500,000 to N1 million and not loan. Each N Power beneficiary who is serious should have learned one skill or another for the past two years on part time basis. For example, I have learned welding on part time and waiting for just one million grant and not loan to buy equipment and start. Likewise some of my colleagues. Yes, I agreed that not every body can do business since they don't have interest in private entrepreneurship since everybody wants to enter custom, immigration, etc where they hope to make millions overnight without knowing it is not like that again with anti corruption wars of PRESIDENT HUHARI. Youths should attach themselves to one small enterprise or another going there after work to learn how to sell, buy, check sales, customer relation , simple accounting etc. There is no way government will employ all the applicants. Economy must be private driven and not government. Please give us grant and those who do well with their grant can now apply for loan from Entrepreneur Bank with government as guarantor. Thank U and think wise.


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