Why NPower Volunteers Should Register For The IBM Digital Nation Africa

Why N-Power Volunteers should join others learning and acquiring skills on IBM Digital Nation Africa Portal.

IBM bring the best in talent and technology to help people succeed and communities thrive. Organizations and individuals in Africa are using the IBM digital Nation Africa learning tools to acquire free digital skills. This will shape the way serious minded people learning on the platform thinks. You should not let this opportunity pass you by.

Some of you has been looking for inspiration to bring your ideas to live, with IBM DNA you can achieve that.

Some Benefit

  • The IBM Digital Nation Africa will give you the opportunity to learn the skills of the future with courses, labs  and access to IBM cloud lite account.
  • It will give you the privilege to share a verified proof of your achievement by the recognized, respected IBM digital badge
  • It will also expose you to new ideas, innovate, build your own solution using IBM cloud services (Free lite cloud)
  • It will allow you to set up a professional profile and search for jobs relevant to  your skills

The leading companies today globally are IT companies, 20 years ago, they were companies in the Oil and Gas sector. The IBM DNA Platform provide you with learning tools to create website, mobile application and many more digital skills on the platform. In fact the coding intro lesson on the platform is something you should look up to, because everyone need basic coding knowledge.

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N-Power has partnered IBM DNA to help NPower volunteers develop the needed digital skill to prepare them for future jobs by setting up a competition. However, some volunteers are not taking this opportunities serious though is not compulsory but it is necessary for their own good.

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