How To Check To Know If You Are Among The 2525 Sacked N-Power Beneficiaries

It is no longer news that the Federal Government, initiator of N-Power Programme have sacked 2,525 N-Power beneficiaries as a result of  acts of indiscipline and others.

The 2,525 N-Power beneficiaries approved by FG for disengagement absconded from their primary place of assignment. “The Federal team has continued to encourage feedback from the states from existing monitors, whistleblowers and members of the public through it's existing call centre and has acted swiftly by initially placing such beneficiaries on suspension for a period of 45 days.

How To Check To Know If You Are Among The 2525 N-Power Beneficiaries Sack By FG

  • First, login to your npvn profile dashboard and click on your profile picture
  • A new page will open displaying your profile status
  • If you are still in the programme you will see enrolled but if you have been disengaged, you will see resigned

N-Power had warned that acts of dereliction of duty, indolence, absenteeism and indiscipline on the part of volunteers would continue to be dealt with decisively and in line with the rules of engagement.

What Enrolled N-Power Beneficiaries Must Do To Avoid Sack

  • Always abide by N-Power rules of engagement, avoid the act of absenteeism, attend your place of primary assignment regularly and make sure you don't miss clearance by monitoring team

"N-Power said Beneficiaries must understand that N-Power is not a charity program and, therefore, everyone captured under the scheme is expected to justify his/her engagement by demonstrating diligence, hard work and commitment to duty at their PPAs.

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  1. Let Officials of N-power to visit any state to know those people who are present or absentees in FFA. And check BVN Numbers, because some people do double job.
    Further more, some people still yet to collect posting letters.
    God bless Nigeria and people around Nigeria, God bless N-power and Leaders.

  2. Why should npower sacked 2525 volunteers jst like that with out a formal warning,this is really sad! even those in government offices were given formal warning before been punished for any act of indiscipline and yet they didn't lose their job,so why should npower case different.they should pls engage this people and give them a second chance before disengageing them out of the npower program,for some of them have learned from this ordeal and never to make such mistakes for the remaining months of the program.


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