What N-Power Volunteers Should Know About Community Policing

It is No longer news that President Buhari Administration is planning to recruit the 2016 N-power Batch A beneficiaries that has just concluded their two years tenure in the Programme into the Nigeria Police Force as Community Police. The Npower volunteers has been clamoring for permanency and now that something is about to happen, they can't but show how excited they are about the new development.

So we thought it will be nice if we do a little research on what Community Policing entails. Below is what we find out about community policing:

What is Community Policing:
Community Policing is the system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants.

Example of community policing?
An example of community policing is where individuals partnered with traditional police forces work to make their neighborhoods safer and to minimize crime. For instance, crime, social unrest and fear of crime are all public safety issues that community policing seeks to address.

Goals of community policing?
The central goal of community policing is for the police to build relationships with the community through interactions with local agencies and members of the public, creating partnerships and strategies for reducing crime and disorder.

Role of community policing?
A Community policing also recognizes policing as a broad function, not a narrow law enforcement or crime fighting role. This includes resolving conflicts, helping victims, preventing accidents, solving problems, and fighting fear as well as reducing crime through apprehension and enforcement.

By God grace, when the implementation has been concluded and Npower volunteers fully integrated into the community police force, these are some of the work they will be doing.

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