How An NPower Volunteer Robbed Of Smartphone By Unknown Bike Man

I wouldn't have believed it if I was told that this could happen to me until it happen last night, 30th August 2019 by 8:40PM along Sabo tasha GRA/Ugwan boro express way Kaduna.

I had the choice to keep silent and not sharing my experience about this robbery but I did not because I wanted people to learn from my experience and stay safe from the bad eggs in our society. Let me not bore you with too much talk! So let go straight to how it happened.

My friend who is also an N-Power Volunteer visited me yesterday and as I was escorting him to get keke back to his destination the unexpected thing happen to me, my smartphone got forcefully snatch from my hand by an unknown bike man unexpectedly. At first I thought I was hit by the bike man then I realised that I was robbed of my smartphone.

We never new that the bike man was monitoring us from afar so we were busy trying to stop keke and all of a sudden this bike man move with speed in front us and snatch my phone. It was dark and me and my friend standing on a lonely express road with no sign of other humans and then I look up and saw the thieve moving away with my phone and I could not do anything but just standing.

My advice to you reading this post right now is that you should avoid holding your phones on your hand when walking at night. always keep your phone in your pocket or your bag to avoid such incident.

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