Nine Advice NPower Volunteers Should Note From FCT Coordinator

The FCT N-Power coordinator Yerima A.B  advice Npower Volunteers on the following important issues. Read below:

1. Always check your profile page (at least 3 times a week) to see if your STATUS has changed from ENROLLED to HOLD. If your status is showing HOLD, it means you will not be receiving your monthly stipend. Report such case to the Head of your PPA for clearance with 45 days. Npower will NOT accept any clearance from any volunteer that his/her status is on hold for more than 45 days.

2. Kindly obtain permission from your head of PPA (through writing) whenever you have a good reason to be absent from duty. Not by phone call please.

3. If you have any health challenge, please notify your head of PPA in writing. Not through phone calls please.

4. If you are seeking for reposting to
another PPA within your state of residence, kindly apply through the Head of PPA. The letter must be signed and stamped by the head before it will be accepted for reposting.

5. Kindly submit a photo copy of the reposting letter to your former PPA and your Npower coordinator.

6. Pregnant volunteers should endeavour to apply for their maternity leave through their head of PPA at least 5 weeks before delivery. The application should be accompanied with a maternity leave certificate from a hospital (preferably Government hospital).

7. Any volunteer that want to disengage from the program should forward his application to the coordinator.

8. There is no provision for inter-state transfer in Npower program.

9. Please NOTE that any act of misconduct will not be tolerated.

Yerima A.B.
Npower Coordinator, FCT

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