Community Police - NPower Absorption is Never A Bad Idea (A Case Study Of Leadership Article)

By Hon Maharazu Bayaudara

This write up is in respond to leadership editors' paper titled: Drafting N-Power Beneficiaries Into The Police. You are wrong in the first place. N-Power is a voluntary service and since inception no one has been compelled to join and many were able to withdraw without any difficulty. And why shouldn’t be the first option, speaking of an educated person who has more than two years voluntarily serving for his community, what conviction and passion are you speaking of?

You are speaking as if you don’t know what you are saying. You said youth unemployment challenge, fixing inadequate public service and providing for larger economy, that's what the npower should address. Which is not in order then?

Community policing isn’t a youth engagement? You did say you recommend more personnel so, isn’t it fixing inadequacy or is it not providing for a larger economy; the police made it clear that they will employed 40,000 special constable that cut across many. Meaning they need the experience or rather the exposure of many. Don’t forget that NPOWER Is not just a teaching cadre it cut across many that’s why we called some Nteach, NAgro, NHealth, Nbuilding and Ntax. Talking of teaching cadre alone, how many security personnel are our schools able to be assigned to? Do we at least get one police for one school even one to ten schools? What of our hospitals, farm lands and etc. Are you saying an experience or practicing teacher, health worker, farmer and the like that is reporting sensitive information to the police is not helping the police? Nevertheless, was it not concurred with the same 40,000 special constable that the police are after? Again was it not providing for the larger economy? Or do you want to say that the technical skill shouldn’t be put to practice?

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Community policing is beyond the principle of job, the name itself speaks for it. Speaking on the recruitment process, let me ask you, over the decade, which recruitment the federal government has don so far that’s more transparent? I don’t think there is any. However, if the N-Power community policing be made, that means a full flag transparent recruitment is made cause all the volunteers were able to emerge from transparent processes. Is your fear addressed? or are you trying to tell me that you sincerely don’t want the transparent force? Cause you are saying as observed, recruitment processes is one among the reason for poor police rating. So, that’s what you have been doing with the police force and N-Power community policing is different and perhaps the fear of checkmating comes in.

You talk of security, then which is not part of the federal government plans for peaceful and prosperous nation? What pave ways? Or Do you mean, instead of utilizing the skill and giving the youth an opportunity that they deserved to secure their land and which they must do in time, they should be denied further and let gone astray, be submerged and drawn into the negative acts? And then you come back play the game of chasing them?

Its your these agitations that is tantamount to conscription. Otherwise go and ensure that has been implemented on the ongoing 10,000 police recruitment. You haven’t mentioned any thing concurred here and I fear all that you are trying to say are the opposite of the reality. You are not showing concerned on the rated bad report but fear that it will change your ways.

You shouldn’t call on the federal government to discard the idea but on all those that fear the consequences of the positive change it will bring as you believed it will exposes you all later time. You are insisting on only candidates who are not motivated to join the force should enter through follow up processes. And the background check be made to see if beneficiary has some sort of connection enough to be given the “Income receiving ticket” as how you think of government jobs are. That will go along a way in making Nigerian elites proud. In your views any recruitment processes should be thrown for the high bidder not for the committed eligible citizens to grabs. That’s the only way people who are well to do are likely to come in and depend their very interest.

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Finally I will warn the federal government that N-POWER absorption is never a bad idea, its not even an option but a must but if and only if peace and prosperity are the focus and the goal. Hon Abike Dabrie (2019) speaking on “Nigeria Youths Critical to National – Devt.” said, “The drive, energy, tenacity and enthusiasm are advantage which have to be guided and utilized the right way for rapid national development.” I may say then, the government has so far guided, its time to utilize and put into action for that they may not end up undoing it and development can be achieved.

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