New Plot To Short change N-Power Volunteers From Joining Community Police.

There is a new plot to short change N-Power Volunteers from joining the community policing after the Federal Government and Governors Forum with the Nigerian Police reached an agreement to use N-Power Volunteers and NYSC Members as Community police officers to assist the police in tackling the security challenges in the country.

It is discouraging to see a publication on the leadership newspaper titled Drafting N-Power Beneficiaries Into The Police which may discourage the government from using N-Power Volunteers as earlier planned, now that the brain behind using N-Power volunteers as community Police, VP Osinbajo is no more in charge of N-Power/NSIP Programme.

The publication is calling on the FG to discard the idea of enlisting N-Power participants into the police force.

We agree that the N-Power programme which is under the Federal Government social investment programme (SIP) aims to address the challenges of youth unemployment by providing structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development. After acquiring the skills what next?.

N-Power Volunteers do not believe that the FG is compelling them to join the police force. Right now the only hope some of them are having is to join the community police to stop them from going back to the street, since there are no other clear statement of employing them. If you ask any N-Power volunteer what next, he will tell you that he is waiting to join community police. To some beneficiaries exiting without permanent employment is like going back to square zero.

The fact still remain that if they can recruit others who are currently enlisted into the police force, then N-Power volunteers are even more qualified for the job because of their clean credentials.

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