Create A Business Empire From Your Ideation (A Case Study Of X-Comics)

Creativity start from ideation, just like Chukwuma Aroh, the founder of Xcomics you too can innovate/create things that will positively contribute to the society.

Chukwuma Aroh was a child with a reading problem. He had difficulties reading the conventional textbooks and other study materials. His parents went through so much pain in acquiring extra tuition and visual aids. They even resorted to repeated flogging.

Regrettably, this continues to be the plight of millions of parents in Nigeria with wards struggling to read conventional textbooks. Today children see reading as a burden. Children have to be forced to read their books and this is evident in their poor grades.

Chukwuma thought, what if we could make reading fun and interactive for kids. What if textbooks became so exciting that we wouldn't need to force kids to read. This inspired Chukwuma to found X-Comics.

These textbooks combine an exciting storyline, relatable teenage characters, colorful comic art and a simplified description of the academic curriculum. They are also affordable and reduce the cost of purchasing any visual learning aid.

Through X-Comic Books, Chukwuma is dedicated to solving the poor reading culture in Nigerian schools in an artistic and fun way!

A lot of Nigerian youths are using their skills to provide solution to their community right now. Thank God the Government now understand the need to provide the right environment for these youths to thrived.

Chukwuma Aroh (X-comics) was incubated in innovation Growth Hub, South East Nigeria provides a novel approach to learning through the production of Comic Textbooks for primary and Junior Secondary school students.

Think of what you too can do to solve problem in your community and solicit for support from government programmes like Startup Nigeria to move to the next level.

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