How To Submit N-Power IBM Jumpstart Competition Pair Name On NPVN Portal

You will recall that we created a post on NPower discussion group yesterday to assist some of you who need a partner to pair with in the ongoing N-Power IBM Jumpstart Competition find a pair. We also told you that it will be nice if you and your pair reside in the same city so you can easily meet and discuss things, if you however have the means to communicate with pair from other state then you can go for it. We also told you to comment with your state and your enrolled programme and someone in the same state and programme connect with you. Many commented and some found pairs

For those who are participating in the competition and have found pairs, simply follow the steps below to register your pair names on the NPVN Portal:

  • After Signing into the NPVN Portal, select IBM Jumpstart on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on GO TO PAIRING
  • On the Search Volunteer search bar, input the name (first, last or both) of the volunteer you want in your team and press ENTER, name of volunteers with similar first or last name will appear, scroll down if necessary to search for Volunteer and click on Pair.
  • Please note that you can send multiple request to pair to different people but at the end you can only have one partner.
  • Also, all pending request can be viewed by click on VIEW PENDING REQUEST on the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • On acceptance of your pairing request, you will be able to view Full Name and Phone number of Partner by clicking on VIEW PARTNER on the top right hand of your screen.

Good Luck

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