N-Power Stipends Payment For The Month Of September 2019 Update

So it's another month of N-Power stipends payment and expectation is high as of when the payment will begin for the month of September 2019. Unlike August stipends that was paid first week of September. N-Power Volunteer are optimistic that this month stipends will be paid before the end of September to enable them met up with expensive.

They are also praying that may the rumor they are hearing about Moving N-Power Programme to a new Federal Government Ministry of Humanitarian become something that will permanently bring everlasting joy to them. The N-Power programme has been a relief to many unemployed Nigerian youths engaged under the Scheme, thinking outside the box to further implement things that will make the programme better is not a bad idea.

As the N-Power Volunteers continue with there work at their various place of primary assignment, they are hoping that today Friday 27th September 2019 will be bless with alert rain as the normally call it.

Nevertheless, we will like to also encourage all N-Power Volunteers to take advantage of the IBM DNA Platform to upgrade their employability skills by learning and earning badges even though they are not participating in the N-Power IBM Jumpstart Competition. They IBM DNA is a great platform with digital courses that can help you acquire lots of digital skills.

For those of you who Don't know what the IBM DNA is all about, click What You Need Know About Npower IBM Jump Start Competition to know more

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