Friday, September 6, 2019

Nigeria Security And Civil Defense Corps Exams Pass Questions And Answer

We the managers of NPower discussion group did some research and compiled Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps Exams pass questions and answers to aid those who applied for the recruitment practice ahead of the upcoming interview. It is better to prepare early than to wait for few days before the Exam before you start preparing.

Below are some general question asked during NSCDC Exams

1) What is the full meaning of NSCDC?
ANSWER: Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps

2) What is the Mission of NSCDC?

ANSWER: Developing structures and training strategies that would contribute to the national security by using modern technology.

3) Who is the current Commandant General of Nigeria Security and Civil defense Corps (NSCDC)?
ANSWER: Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu

4) List the names of past Commandant General of NSCDC?
ANSWER: a. Abiola Atunramu (Ag)
b. Dr. Adewale John Abolurin OFR, PSC

5) Outline the Vision of NSCDC?
ANSWER: To put to work efficiency, humility and integrity in service delivery with a fresh zeal, bring credibility into concept of security.

6) NSCDC Command is Categorized into howmany Zones?
ANSWER: 8 Zones. Zone A to Zone H

7) How many Command do NSCDC have?
ANSWER: 36 Command

8) Which Zone do Lagos, Kaduna and Enugu Command belong to?
ANSWER:(a) Lagos State Command belong to Zone A
(b) Kaduna State Command belong to Zone B.
(c) Enugu State Command belong to Zone E.

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