Xenophobia - South Africa Should Adopt Nigeria N-Power Programme Model To Create Job

Instead of South Africans to continue blaming other African immigrants of taking jobs and social benefits from them, the south Africa government should use the model of the biggest social investment programme "N-Power" initiated by the Nigeria Government to reduce unemployment because it seems like the South Africa Job Creating Mechanism is not yielding effect. If at all the have Job Creating plan, Xenophobia would not have been a topic of discussion.

The N-Power Programm has helped in so-many ways to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Nigeria by engaging graduate and non graduate to acquired skills and become self reliant. The NSIP is touching Lives across all group of people in Nigeria, the poor, the vulnerable, graduate and non graduate, old and the young and it has been a relief to unemployment in Nigeria.

The South Africa Government can also use this model to impact knowledge to the ordinary South Africa citizens whom may think that other African brothers are the cause why they are been unemployed. Adopt the N-Power model to train the unskilled South Africans with skills so that they can start to have sense of belonging and begin doing what other Africans are doing in South African that is making them excel.

The Government of South Africa need to establish a scheme to help her citizens learn how to start small scale businesses so that they will stop seeing other Africans businesses as what should be theirs ( Superiority complex) is bad)

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