200,000 N-Power Volunteers May Make Way For New 300,000 To Be Recruited By 2020 - Maryam Uwais

The senior special Adviser on social investment program to president Mrs Maryam uwais was on Good Morning Nigeria were she Spoke intensively on the various session of the program, particularly Home Grow feeding program and Npower.

In her words, she said, we'll disengage the existing beneficiary probably by the end of this year and the portal will be open for New applicants. No provision for 2016 N-Power in 2020 budget, by next year 1st phase of the program (200,000) will be disengaged Another 300,000 volunteers will be engaged by next year SSA to president on SIP  said this on NTA.

The engagement of 2016 N-Power beneficiaries may ends this year. That is probably the reason why Transition path was added on the NPVN Portal, by next year, 2016 N-Power beneficiaries will transit to another programme.

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