N-Power Transition To Community Police (Special Constable) And Class Teacher Update

It seems that the rumour which has been going round for quite some time that N-Power Volunteers will be use as Community Police Special constable has become a reality. Few days ago, N-Power grant his volunteers the opportunity to select a path in the N-Power transition phase which Community Police was among the option listed. Though the transition page has been taken down from the NPVN Portal, Volunteers are optimistic that the transition page will soon be restore to enable them select a path.

From the discussion volunteers are having regarding the transition path, we noticed that most volunteers who made selections before the page was removed selected Community Police and Class Teacher. So we decided to create this post to keep you informed about the position you selected

A special constable or special police constable (SC or SPC) which we understand that N-Power volunteers are going in for, is generally an auxiliary or part-time law enforcement officer position. Many police departments are complemented by a Special Constabulary which are referred to as special constables or informally as "specials". Special constables hold full police powers and hold the office of constable. Historically, and in different contexts, special constables have been paid or volunteer members of an ad hoc reserve force or a permanent auxiliary, and have ranged from unarmed patrols to armed paramilitaries.

So as for N-Power Volunteers selecting Community Police, be ready to work to protect your country and community to reduce insecurity.

However for volunteers who are selecting Class Teacher but has no education background, I will advice you to enroll yourself in PGD Schools in order to acquire Post Graduate Diploma in Education to boast your qualification in becoming a teacher. Click here to see how to upgrade your qualification with PGD in Education for those who selected class teacher.

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  1. Pls what happen to someone that didn't select

  2. It is good to hear this,but the truth of the matter is that batch A&B enjoyed this npower for 4yrs. Now it was said that n-creative and one other program are going to collect 10k, why not like others? Because there are some of us that were NCE,at least that will serve as benefit we have being missing since all these years. His excellency President Muhammadu Buhari. Please do this for us, Nigerians will never forget your generation.

  3. I'm just seeing this post for the first time. Some of us are in remote areas where network is a problem. What of those of us who are NCE holders and like me, I've my TRCN Registration Certificate and with it I did my N-Teach programs for the four year period in question. What is our take in this regard? Which is the best option for the categories of our group? Please help.


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