Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How To Participate In The N-Power Transition Programme

What N-Power Transition Page means: it is a page created on N-Power Beneficiaries NPVN Dashboard to enable Volunteers select a path to prepare them for the next thing after N-Power Programme.

The Federal Government of Nigeria designed the N-Power Program to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become solution providers in their communities. To help improve the N-power program, NPower would like to know which of the following sectors you are interested in. Note that you can select Multiple Interest Areas at: http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/npower-transition

Available Path

  • Become a SANEF Agent: With 50,000 Naira you can begin your journey in Entrepreneurship as a SANEF
  • Start a Business with a GEEP Loan: 100,000 Naira loan to enable you begin a business in your community
  • Become a Teacher: Teach as a School teacher in your community.
  • Start a Farm/Expand your Farm: Begin farming and start feeding the nation.
  • Become a Field/Data Agent: Work as an Agent for a Bank, Research Agency or Consumer Goods company. join the community collection
  • Become a Community Policeman: Join the Police force to secure and protect your community

How to Participate:

N-Power beneficiaries are to visit http://npvn.npower.gov.ng, then click the N-Power Transition Page to select their prefer path.

Good Luck!!


  1. our official should please help us open the transition portal to enable us do our own selection.


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