Solution For Missing N-Power Transition Page On Volunteers NPVN Profile

Update and Solution on the Missing New Page Called N-Power Transition On Volunteers NPVN Portal.

This is to inform you all that the new Icon called "N-POWER TRANSITION" has been removed from the NPVN Portal at the moment, the only solution now is patient. There is no cause for alarm for those who are  yet to click on transition page to select their path.

According to N-Power, it was just a Test Phase for those that saw it earlier and it will be uploaded back as soon as they are done with full activation of the transition page and you will be able to make your selection. So there is no need to panic.

Remember the N-Power Survey period, the same thing happened and after some hour they were able to fix the issue and volunteers  successfully fill their survey form. Some of the path options available on the N-Power Transition page are what you selected during the N-Power Survey period.

My advice to those who have not selected a path yet is that when the N-Power Transition page is re-added on volunteers NPVN Portal, make sure you read the instructions carefully and don't forget to use a strong network and browsers to avoid making errors.

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Please, the solution right now is , let's exercise patience with them to perfect the transition page.

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  1. we love your work my president

  2. please God grant our heart's desire through our president like you
    been doing all these years


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