Passion For Career Path (A Case Study Of N-Power Transition)

The question you should ask yourself before taking a decision on path to chose  on N-Power Transition page is! Are my looking for job with security or job that will make me sufficient money?

N-Power is always looking for ways in making sure that N-Power Volunteers follows their passion and desire path, that is why I believe they have been monitoring volunteers to see where their passion lie and where they fit in.

Few months ago, N-Power conducted a survey which I believe resulted to the six options in the N-Power Transition path. Civil service/ community police/Teacher, Private sector/Data entry jobs in banks and other companies, Entrepreneurship/ Farming/Mobile banking agents/Starting your own business. All these was the result of what N-Power probably gathered from the survey conducted.

Looking at all these, we now arrived at where your passion lie. Don't just look at the security benefit of a specific path, you should look at what you will enjoy doing while catching fun. That way your performance on the path you selected will be fruitful and worthwhile.

If you are looking for public sector job because of the fear of unknown in term of security benefit in pension then go for community police but if you are looking forward to becoming an employer of labour go for entrepreneurship path after all those that make more money in our society today are entrepreneurs.

N-Power has given you the opportunity to learn, acquire skills and develop yourself on the job. Now it is time to put that experience into use. After all there is nothing to loss because it is clearly stated that you can select multiple path. If you are not selected in one you will be selected in the other.

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