Photos - Npower Supervisor Taking Attendance Of N-Agro Beneficiaries In Kaduna

Today Thursday the 24th of October 2019, N-Power Supervisors visited N-Agro beneficiaries at their place of Primary assignment in KADP Barnawa Kaduna and attendance was taken. Those who were present got there name tick positively while those who were absent got an asterisk mark which signifies absenteeism.

According to the Supervisor, this was done to find out those who are not attending their place of primary assignment. He further stated clearly that the supervision is a continues thing and any time he pay a visit and beneficiaries are not on duty post, their names will be tick as absent. Below are more photos from the event:

When some of the beneficiaries were asked, the stated that a certain supervisor requested that they should bring 2 passport and 1000 Naira for ID Card and others.

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