What Moving N-Power To New Ministry Means - Must Read

Earlier today President Muhammadu Buhari in his Independence day Speech stated that N-Power Programme has been moved to the new Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and Social development. However what some people don't know is that moving N-Power Programme to the ministry of humanitarian affairs does not mean that all N-Power volunteers will be absorb into the ministry as permanent staff. What it means is that henceforth,N-Power Programme will be manage by the new Ministry.

In a real sense, when a new ministry is created, government will rather move staff from other ministry to the new ministry and hire few hands if need arise. Nevertheless, it will be a thing of joy to N-Power volunteers if this transition could result into something permanently. Since that is what the have been praying for.

In a situation of this nature, it is certain that when movement of programmes to a new Ministry is involved, then there must be enhancement/improvement for better performance. This means that the programme will be expanded and more people will benefit from the programme just like Mr President stated in his speech today that their commitment to Social Inclusion will only increase. We can see that from the non graduate N-power Programme where beneficiaries are been trained on different skills.

The important thing about this movement is that the N-Power Programme and other NSIP Programme will be sustained even after this administration is out of office.

One thing we don't know is, will the beneficiaries of N-Power programme continue to enjoy the communication between their superiors on social media just like the Facebook live video chat between Mr Afolabi and beneficiaries in the past to keep them up to date with latest happening, since the N-Power Programme has new management now? Well only time will tell, let us wait to hear from the appropriate authority regarding this movement.

While you wait to get details in regards to this movement, continue going to your place of primary assignment and keep hoping for the best which is (Permanency).

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  1. May almighty ALLAH safeguard our president and gives us a permanent job under his administration.


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