Why FG Should Not Disengage N-Power Volunteers To Poverty Without Proper Transition

At a time when Nigeria government is trying to lift 100,000,000 people out of poverty, it will be uncalled for if 200,000 N-Power volunteers are disengage back to poverty with out proper transition.

A lot of N-Power Volunteers have displayed fear over the disengagement news that went viral online few days ago and we thought it will be nice if we share this post to our blog readers to keep hope alive.

The veteran N-Power Volunteers should note that whether it is enhancement, transition or disengagement, the fact still remain that there must be something and that thing we believe will probably excite N-Power Volunteers. So there is no need to panic about the disengagement news.

All what we know is that the N-Power Volunteers can be a very important machinery in the #Walkoutpoverty Campaign of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. They can pass on great legacy to the upcoming volunteers if they are properly transition to a more productive, sustaining venture by ensuring that the path provided are path that will endowed them with opportunities they can run with.

So, whatever the plans are for the 200,000 N-Power 2016 veteran volunteers are, it should be worthwhile. That way, they can contribute to the Ministry of humanitarian affairs,disaster management and Social development campaign of #WalkOutPoverty from the country.

One N-Power Volunteer placed on the right path can help to remove at-least one person from poverty/street, just imaging how many people 200,000 volunteers will help out of poverty if they are perfectly placed on the right transition path to become employers of labour.

However, we advice N-Power Volunteers to remain calm and hope for the best as N-Power prepare to unveil the next plan for them.

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