N-Power Transition To SANEF Agents And Farmers Update

This update is compiled by NPower discussion group blog to give an inside to Volunteers who have selected N-Power Transition To SANEF Agents And Farmers path and for volunteers who are still waiting to select their transition path. This article will probably give you inside and save you the stress of over thinking the path to select.

We earlier shared an update about N-Power transition to community police and class teacher. Read it Here

Today we have decided to share with you update on N-Power transition to SANEF Agent and farmer. Read below:

N-Power Transition To SANEF Agent Update

What is SANEF?: SANEF simply means (shared agent network expansion facility) is a project powered by the central bank of Nigeria, deposit money bank, Nigeria inter bank settlement systems, chartered institute of bankers of Nigeria, licensed mobile money operators and shared agents with the primary objective of accelerating financial inclusion in Nigeria.

To cut the long story short, transition into SANEF Agent as an N-Power volunteer will empower you to perform basic financial services such as: Account opening, cash deposits and withdrawals, funds transfer as well as bills payment.

With N50,000 you can begin your journey into Entrepreneurship as a SANEF Agent.

N-Power Transition To Farmer Update

This option is basically to start a farm or expand your farm. Begin farming and start feeding the nation. So said NPower.

This path to me suites the N-Power Agro beneficiaries perfectly. However, the opportunity is not limited to only N-Agro Volunteers, other category volunteers can equally go for the farming path if they are passionate about farming.

Farming is part of food industry and also among Businesses that generate much revenue this days. So becoming a farmer is one way you can as well benefit from the food industry economic benefits. This will also need more exposure, training on farming business which I believe N-Power will provide you with the tools

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