Health Tips - How N-Power Volunteers Can Regain Weight Lost Due To Delay Stipend Payment

The N-Power volunteers has pleaded to those in-charge of payment to effect payment but to no avail. Maybe this form of write up will help pass the message to those in-charge of payment to effect payment. Life is sweet when you are in good shape and can afford things that will keep you living.

The delay in N-Power October stipend payment is no longer funny as we see most N-Power volunteers whose only source of income and livelihood depends on N-Power stipends laments over difficulties in keeping up with life expenses. Some of them who gain weight and were looking fresh and been admired by their colleagues are beginning to lost weight due to delay of October stipend payment. When you no longer eat the way you use to, you begin to loss weight.And the motivation to perform your duties will begin to decline, this is the case of some N-Power volunteers right now. We hope that those in charge of payment will do something fast so that these volunteers can regain their energy in discharging their responsibilities at their various PPA.

However, we have compiled a weight gain information to help those volunteers who have lost weight during this delay period and may want to regain their weight.

According to doctor ketch, before you start figuring out how to add weight, check your Body Mass Index (BMI). If your BMI is less than 18.5, you are in the underweight category. Even at that, you still will need to talk to your doctor to fund out if your weight is a symptom of a medical problem. Generally, though, to add weight in a healthy way use the steps below:

  • Focus on calorie-dense but nutritious foods like eggs, nuts and milk.
  • Full cream milk is definitely an option, especially if you don't have a high cholesterol level.
  • Eat often 6 'small' meals per day is not out of place.
  • Some exercise before meal times is a great and healthy way to work up an appetite.
  • Taking some fruits as appetizer before mealtimes also helps stimulate an appetite.
  • Smoothies are also great breakfast and snack options.
  • Dried fruits and nuts can be added to cereals, salads and even yoghurt.
  • Try not to drink too much water before or during a meal to ensure you have enough space for the main event which is the food

Remember that it only takes a little effort to pile on the weight a second on the lips and a lifetime on the hips, So focus on complex carbs and lay off the sugar-filled calories and pastries (these are empty calories which create more problems than they solve) and remember that nuts should be taken by the handful, dairy should not exceed 4 glasses per day, oil should be used sparingly etc. Indeed, moderation in everything. As usual Some exercises like weight training may also help add bulk to you in the form of muscles so that you don't look too skinny on the legs or arms. I hope this helps

These weigh gain remedy can only be possible for some N-power volunteer only if they are paid their delayed stipend but for some volunteers with side hustle can afford this.

Note:This weight gain remedy is not only for N-Power volunteers, it is also for individual who really need to change their stature and want to gain weight. Like someone who asked Doctor ketch a question on how to gain weight. he said, I am not fat but rather losing weight, talking about my age and how I look is not helping at all. I look like a teenager who is 16 but I will be 29 next month. Doc, I always feel bad getting near my friends because there is a big difference between us when in their midst.

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