Seasonal Guide To Help N-Power Volunteers Prepare For Holiday Celebration

It is November, the holiday season and we thought it will be nice if we share an update to help you prepare ahead in order to avoid stories that hot which may prevent you from having a lovely Christmas celebration with your family and friends.

I know that it has been so difficult for N-Power volunteers to save out of their stipends unlike their other colleagues with permanent job with salaries who are able to save within the year for holidays.

However, I believe that is never too late to begin preparing this month of November ahead of December celebration to avoid the regular stories of late stipends payment during celebration periods like Sallah and Christmas which when occurred may hinder you from having a lovely time with friends and family.

Holiday season celebration is usually special, is a time when gift are shared between love ones which make the season lovable. Staying out of cash during this period is something that kills celebration and belonging spirit which may keep you low which is not nice (you know what I mean). That is why you need to begin budgeting, even if it is little to shop for Christmas (Remember the saying, cut your court according to your size).

This day, we have lots of physical and online store where you can order for affordable gifts or do your Christmas shopping at a discounted prices to help you cut down exorbitant expenses. Some of you may be planning to travel either to your village or go for an relaxation trip with your family or friends. All these can be possible without some savings.

My fellow N-Power volunteers the time is now, save something little to have a bountiful Christmas celebration (No make dat your girlfriend or future wifey go dey source for alternative oh!!)

Happy Holiday Season

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