Monday, November 4, 2019

Update On N-Power Device For 2017 Beneficiaries

We noticed that a lot of N-power 2017 Volunteers are becoming inpatient regarding the distribution of their device. They ask questions each day as of when their device will be distributed. Well the Volunteers are not to be blame because the device is long over due for collection. However only N-Power are in the right position to reveal the exact date they will be distributing the device, that is why they said volunteers should follow their official social media platforms and lookup for updates.

We are not here to tell you the exact date for collection of the device rather, we created this post to calm your nerves. One thing we know is that you will surely collect your device when the time is due. I believe they are taking one thing at a time, they attended to N-Power Creative and are attending to N-Power Tech Software right now on the device issue because few weeks ago a video surface on the internet showing N-Power distributing device to the N-Power Tech Software Category. That alone should give the 2017 graduate beneficiaries hope that their time is coming and they will smile home with device.

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The 2017 N-Power beneficiaries still have more time in the programme that is why they are excluded from the N-Power Transition path selection

Many of the 2017 N-Power beneficiaries have not even selected their device choice, we know that N-Power always follow due-process in all their doings that is why volunteers need to be patient with them to get things done. Time will come when the 2017 N-Power volunteers will be ask to login to their NPVN dashboard for device selection just like how the 2016 volunteers are battling with N-Power Transition Survey on the NPVN portal right now.

You have waited patiently this far, having Little more patient will go along way as the saying goes, the patient dog eat the fattest bone

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