How Did You Acquired All These With 30k Stipends - Ella Asked N-Power Millionaires

Ella and Some N-Power Volunteers Are Curious! They want to Know how some of their Colleague that the earn the same N30,000 monthly stipends become Millionaires from savings and got married, build house, buy car etc. They want a guide on how one can attain this level of success with just 30k stipends.

She wrote:

A very big congratulations to all those who were able to buy plots of land, build, got married and bought some nice cars with NPVN stipends alone. Am very happy of your achievements, you guys are genius already.

Some started businesses that now generate millions monthly. And I seriously wish to be like you guys next year, please help me with a guide on how one can attain this level of success with just 30k stipends. I am a single mum, catering for my children, siblings and parents.

I live in a rented apartment and I spend over #400 on TP daily to my ppa, if you are in my shoes what measure will you suggest I take? If you care to share your NPVN success story, please don't add or subtract. she said

Letting us know how you were able to make judicious use of your stipend is a great way of inspiring us. But it shouldn't be in a way of making others look stupid. School system has created a subconscious sense of competition in us, whereby we try to compete in anything at all because we're use to it from primary, secondary and even in higher institution we compete to be the best. We need to turn from that because it makes us self-centered, thinking for ourselves alone to be only the best.

This is the major cause of looting, unpatriotic citizens only one person wants to acquire everything for himself alone and that's why there's much suffering in the land not because there aren't resources but some individuals have monopolized them all. If you are really patriotic and have just NPVN stipend as your only source of income, share with us practical measures you took to this outrageous attainment.

Then we won't look stupid but learn from you. You started a business, with how much? How were you able to raise that amount from the stipend? What other support did you get from family and friends

Don't do a business registration in a business you inherited and tell us you started it with your stipend. Don't change the paint in a house you inherited and place our lives on tension how you built duplex with your stipend. Don't only tell us what you achieved, also let us know how you did it so we can apply those measures and grow together. Don't be a reason for any volunteer to wonder about in the wilderness of no achievement, be a tool for creative thoughts. Don't be a reason for any volunteers BP. Don't be a reason for any volunteers suicide.

Hello volunteers, don't be intimidated by anyone's achievements all fingers can't be equal. Only look for a way to improve yourself daily within your maximum capability. There's a place for you at the top!

Over to you N-Power volunteers millionaires

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