How To Apply For Teach For America 2020

Since 1990, 62,000 leaders have impacted millions of students as Teach For America corps members, many of them returning to teach in the communities in Which they grew up. Eight out of 10 alumni continue to work in education or in fields that impact the communities where our students and their families live world for themselves and for all of us.

Teach for America is calling for interested applicants to apply for the 2020 TFA at: https://www.teachforamerica.org

    Teach For America finds outstanding leaders who commit to expanding educational opportunity, beginning with at least two years teaching in an under resourced public school
  • Working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, educators, and community members, corps members go beyond traditional expectations to support the academic and personal growth of their students
  • The impact corps members have in the classroom fuels a lifelong commitment to their students and shapes the trajectory of their lives and careers.
  • Teach For America works in more than 50 communities across the country. We call them “regions,” and they range from large cities to rural communities, from Boston to Hawaii and South Dakota to the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Regions are where our corps members forge connections and cultivate relationships-with each other, with their communities, with schools and families, and of course, with students. These connections enable our alumni and corps members to make lasting change in kids’ lives, and ultimately, to change the course of communities and our country.
  • Too many children in America are denied access to an excellent education. Teach For America catalyzes leadership to make educational equity a reality.


In order to be considered for admission to the TFA Corps, you must have:

  • Bachelors degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • A US. citizenship national/legal resident status or be a DACA recipient

How to apply
Interested and qualified applicants who wish to Apply to be part of the 2020 Teach For America coms should:


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