Impact And Life After NPower Disengagement Soon To Be Known

By Otunba Tayo Omoluabi

How the life will be after disengagement from Npower program? Back to square one or what? How to manage the extension of life and little achievement made during the program when there's no more sources of income to cater for these? Not everybody will know the impact now but after some months, the people will now know the feelings.

At the same time of recruitment those that were connected to get a full time job would work for over 30 years with expectations of pension while those who had nobody would just work for three years and return back to their people without having anything to do anymore.

They said majorities supposed to save money for investment , in a situation where daily expenses takes largest percentage ,for example, the calculation is N1000 per day for husband and wife with kids and many unforeseen circumstances normally come at regular intervals. Majority of Npower volunteers are bread winners of their families because whenever they see you as Npower volunteers they will give you some responsibilities, Majorities of family nowadays cannot claim of having a government staff among their graduates and these families see the Npower volunteers among them as benefits of democracy from His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The major concern is how to adjust to the society after disengagement, when the government that individuals rely for sustainable living releases everyone back to the society? The private sectors that individuals quit for Npower program had filled up, no vacancies here and there. If the program has duration and serves a very good purpose for the citizens, it's extension is not bad and no one will forget the government for this.

It's not that those who are already in the program are too greedy and don't want to allow others to join but when they disengage will they not be the same as those who are planning to join? Even their lives after disengagement will be somehow harder because majorities have had many additional responsibilities than before.

Government can still join other batches without putting anyone into sufferness. This is the life sustaining program which cannot be seen as just ordinary program. lts a program that individuals see as number one project which touches the life of poor people.

We are appealing to federal government of Nigeria who are the parents to reconsider their actions recently in Leadership News Paper, no job in town, if government disengage everyone no private sector is ready to employ. Daily expenses doesn't allow anyone to has saving to start any business.

Everyone here commend the effort of Nigeria government, we are appealing to reconsider the negative impacts which this disengagement will cause on individuals, society and country in general. After the successfully completion of this best administration we want the name of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as the best governments who has concerned for the felling of the masses. God bless Nigerians .

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