NPower Team Respond To Leadership Disengagement News Advice Volunteers To Wait For Update From Them

N-Power Team has responded to the Leadership N-Power disengagement news. Earlier this morning, Npower volunteers woke up with the news reported by Leadership that 200,000 N-Power beneficiaries to be remove by FG. A story that went viral in 2019 and has since begin to die off in the minds of volunteers but surface again in 2020.

Out of curiosity, an NPower volunteer decided to ask N-Power to know the authenticity of the information and N-Power responded as follow:

Volunteer Question: Good Morning N-Power Team, I want to know how true is this information. I saw this piece this morning

N-Power Team reply: Please wait for an official post from us in regard to that, until then please stay NPowered.

So please continue to participate in all your duties as NPower volunteer at the place of your primary assignment until otherwise.

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