Reason Why FG May Increase Npower Volunteers Stipends

The wind of minimum wage is blowing in all civil service commission and the ministry of humanitarian affairs and disaster management should not be alienated because is a Government established ministry housing Npower Volunteers.

One could say Npower employment is a voluntary will from FG to move people live away from abject poverty and penury.of course yes, but the ministry is still under the umbrella of civil service commission and is not alienated from Federal Government financial and fiscal policies.

Will it be reasonable to say the ministry of humanitarian affairs is a segmented body from Government parastatals and should remain somewhat independent from Government funding and provisions,such statement is a paradox because FG Is 100% the principal financial provider,and as Government owned ministry should as well be given equal treatment as regards to fiscal policies.if NYSC stipend will rise from N18,000 naira to N33,000 due to minimum wage increment while should Npower volunteers stipends not increase to at least N45,000 monthly.Let's all be reasonable here .

These Volunteers are all graduates employed under the ministry of humanitarian affairs and are apportioned same work rate with the civil servants,so why will there be a huge financial disparity with reference to monthly pay. I think it's high these volunteers be moved forward and placed in a conducive working environment for them not to be frustrated.

If FG is actually committed to reducing unemployment and joblessness,they should prioritize the prosperity and capacity development of these volunteers and not to politicize it as a Government benevolence towards empowering the youth 's.It's glaring that Npower volunteers are working full time in federal and state ministries, so why will the wind of minimum wage not affect their monthly pay considering the spate of hardship and economic subversion that has persistently brought untold hardship to so many.

It's absolutely imperative for minimum wage increase to affect volunteers stipends.who knows, Government can decide to implement it too if they decide to be holistic and not parochial.

Hopefully Volunteers stipend could still be increased as Government is on the verge of providing a reasonable exit package for them.

What is thought on this issues?

Shared by Bashir Usman Gobir!!

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  1. What we d npower volunteers needed most is permanency, the federal government should think about this properly. Existing any npower package beneficiaries will throw power citizens to d street, many lives may be lost due to hunger n poverty. Please mr president all we want is permanency n good stipend nothing more. God bless Nigeria n its leaders Amen

  2. Enter your comment...please Mr president, permanenting npower is necessary. giving them exit package is like pushing them back to the street.

  3. Let the president permenent this programme, sending npower members home on issue of package is not helping the members.

  4. Just because it benefits more of poor Nigerians/or the rich....They keep playing politics with it....Ani kingsley.c...n health/FSP Enugu,GRA.

  5. #Permanency is what we need Npower #

  6. Pls,Mr president we needs permanent


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